Your Money Has a Purpose

True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” ~Helen Keller

Who We Serve

Keith has worked with many different kinds of clients. These are a few of the communities that Keith Conley, CFP® has had the most experience. 

Medical professionals

Medical professionals have a rewarding career with exceptional income potential. Early in their career, however, they also have the stress of some of the highest student loan debt balances of any industry.

They put in many hours in gaining the experience and expertise in their chosen fields. Unfortunately what this means is that too many young practitioners neglect their finances or settle with an option that seems easiest to understand. Keith’s experience in student loans, insurance, and investing can advance you well on the way to reaching your financial objectives.

Special needs families

The cost of raising a child is typically around $250,000, but the cost can be double the amount for a child with disabilities. There are many financial assistance programs to help these families but this does not alleviate the burden for long term financial planning. Advances in healthcare mean that more and more disabled individuals will have an increased life expectancy, which means that making sure that they will need support potentially after their parents have passed away. Working in conjunction with their attorney, Keith helps these families plan for the long-term support of their loved ones for their entire lives. 

biblical stewards

As a seminary-trained Christian, Keith enjoys working with other Bible-believing Christians. The Bible has over 2,000 verses concerning money, wealth, and generosity. What this means is that who Christians receive their financial advice matters. 

The Bible speaks on topics such as ownership of wealth, how to build wealth, and leaving a legacy. Keith’s professional Bible and financial education have prepared Him to assist Christian families and business owners implement strategies with their wealth that honors the Lord. 


Making decisions is so much easier when you understand your purpose. Those who have a purpose are more effective at getting results that they are happy with and have a greater impact. Those who know their purpose have a lens through which every decision is made. 

Chances are that your life’s aim is not to achieve a specific net worth. Your life is most likely driven by a deep love for family and/or a cause.

Your wealth is a tool that we use to manage that which is most important. But when it comes to managing wealth with purpose, there are many potential roadblocks.

Changes in political, economic, and tax environments are not easy to track. Funneling out the noise in the media and the internet is increasingly difficult. On top of all this, it’s difficult to know who to trust.

Many financial planners miss out on the most dynamic clients because they are focused more on rates of return rather than helping their clients achieve the greatest return on their lives. It’s not that rates of return are not important. But in reality, few people are driven by such temporal factors. 

You have a story to tell and it is your financial planner’s job to help you tell that story. So our process starts with an in-depth discussion where Keith learns about you and your purpose and not just about your money. When Keith understands what matters most to you is when he is able to make the recommendations to help you best achieve your purpose now, in the future, and for eternity. 

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