Business Planning

Running a business is a lot like running a family. Business require lots of time and nurturing.  As a business owner, the health of your business is dependent upon the decisions you make for it. 

Your business, like your family is subject to many risks. Many business, however, have little or no planning set in place to be prepared for a large catastrophe. For example, how would your business survive in the event that you are no longer able to work? Are your key employees insured, thereby protecting your income? The result from lack of proper coverage could be devastating to both your business and to your family.  

Just remember, there are no guarantees in business except for one. There will come a day where you will no longer be in business. A majority of business owners find themselves surprised to find out that it will happen sooner than they think it will.

Keith frequently works with many attorney’s and accountants helping business owners maintain the health of their business. He is the son of a retired business owner and loves the fervor and passion that business owners bring to their work. a 

Business Services Include

Pension/Profit-Sharing Plans/401(k)

Supplemental Retirement Executive Retirement Plan

Business Succession Plans (death, disability and retirement)

Key Person Insurance

Group Life and Disability Insurance

Split Dollar Life Insurance