Why Clergy?

The Bible says a lot about money and wealth. But nowhere in scripture does it say that clergy should live in poverty. It is not wrong for ministers to plan their financial goals. Many ministers feel unprepared to make sound financial decisions and are not sure who can  help them.

Clergy are often overlooked within the financial services industry. Many advisors and tax professionals do not know the unique elements of the clergy’s salary package.

Clergy deserve having a fellow believer help them with their financial planning needs. Good ministers dedicate an enormous amount of time to helping their congregations. Therefore, clergy should have access to objective and quality financial advice from someone who understands unique needs.

Successful Wealth Building for Ministers

Keith loves working with ministers. His pastoral ministry experience gave him many skills he has taken into his role as a financial advisor.

Ministers must save money and at the same time pay for their self employment tax. If the minister has opted out of social security, they must save an even greater percentage of their income.

Ministers who prepare for their financial future have stronger churches. They have greater freedom to serve their callings without worrying about money.

I can Work with You

Keith works with ministers in any ecclesiastical background. Working with ministers is a true blessing to Keith and counts it as part of his service unto the Lord.

Keith also regularly consults with churches and ministers across the nation regarding their financial situation. He is available to speak to your church on a wide range of topics including:

  • Budget/Debt Planning
  • College Planning
  • Tithing/charitable Giving
  • Life Planning
  • Pre-marital counseling to discuss money and marriage
  • Biblical Stewardship