Get Your Easy Money First

Low hanging fruit is is easy to reach. It’s easy to get full quickly when walking in an apple orchard.
Minimal effort is required to pick low hanging fruit. No ladders or 10′ long poles are needed. Big red juicy apples are right at your fingertips.

I really enjoy gardening. One summer, I had over 25 tomato plants. I couldn’t help it, I’m 1/4 Italian. That’s a lot of marinara sauce isn’t it?

My arch nemesis that summer was the neighborhood groundhog. As soon as my beautiful tomatoes would ripen that groundhog would take one bite and then move onto the next newly ripened tomato. He couldn’t reach the tomatoes on the top of the plant. He just helped himself to the tomatoes within his reach.

What is puzzling, however, is how rarely people claim low hanging money available to them. I want you to think of this low hanging money using a sports analogy. A baseball team on offense will always want to protect the man on third base. No team would ever sacrifice the runner on third so that a runner on first base could possibly score in the future. In the same way, why would we give up this easy money with the hopes of having the chance of gaining more money in the future?

How to Use Low Hanging Money

There is no penalty for using this money and can be used for any purpose. The money grows at a competitive rate of return and all growth is tax free!

The wealthy have used this strategy for decades now. In fact, Walt Disney used this money to build Disney Land and Ray Croc used it to launch the McDonald’s franchise.

Would you find value in a financial advisor that helps clients claim available and safe money before subjecting them to unnecessary risk? I know that my clients have appreciated help claiming their low hanging money. They are glad that this money increases their risk tolerance and helps ensure that they will not run out of money in retirement.

Let’s work together and set in place the easiest ways to begin your families financial journey.