Keith Conley, CFP®

People are busy with their careers and families. There is little time left to keep up with investment trends and changing tax laws. Most people agree that there is a need for a human financial planner even with the rise of technology. For example, only another person can understand a client’s objectives and align these objectives with a properly structured financial portfolio. In addition, technology is incapable of calming nerves during a turn in the market or in the midst of a personal crisis.

Financial Advisors recognize that one of their biggest jobs is to help clients start and stay the course to financial security. Advisors help clients determine their objectives and then help them overcome obstacles along the way.  Keith recognizes the importance of being available to answer client questions and the power of suggesting possible alternatives that clients may not have previously considered. This of course requires a client focus, educational and comprehensive approach to financial planning.  

Keith’s clients today include clergy, business owners, medical practitioners and families affected by disabilities. Wanting to provide clients with exceptional financial planning, in 2018 Keith earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. To earn this designation, CFP® practitioners must complete the 4 E’s, which include education, exam, ethics and experience. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Keith has a fiduciary requirement when serving his clients, which means that he is obligated to put his client’s interests ahead of his own. 

An important trait of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is the ability to actively listen to clients. Keith believes that clients should always be heard and understood before making recommendations. His approach is to understand client questions and challenges before making any recommendations.  

Furthermore, Keith believes in a team approach to financial planning. He is happy to work alongside your tax professional, attorney and real estate professional to ensure that clients objectives are effectively managed. 

Keith focuses upon helping clients answer questions such as: 

·        How I do know if I can have my student loans forgiven? 

·        How much life and disability insurance do I need?

·        How can I leave assets for a disabled child/grandchildren/loved one who receives government assistance?

·        Where should I save for retirement and how much will I need?

·        Will I run out of money in retirement?  

·        What is the most efficient way to leave money for my children/grandchildren? 

·        When should I take Social Security? 

·        Are my investments efficiently invested or have I bought too much risk for the return I’m looking for? 

Keith’s experience within financial services began in the student loan industry. He worked for several years for FEDLOAN, the countries largest federal student loan servicer. With experience talking to thousands of borrowers, Keith still consults with individuals across the nation on matters including income driven repayment, loan forgiveness and default collections. He is a frequent speaker on this matter at non-profit and government organizations. 

Keith is a participating member of Kingdom Advisors and practices the tenets outlined by the Kingdom Advisor organization.  For more information please click here.

Professional Accomplishments

·        Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology (Moody Bible Institute. Chicago, IL 2003)

·        Masters of Divinity (Westminster Seminary in California. Escondido, CA 2007)

·        Nearly a decade of experience in managing student loan for a federal student loans servicer and as an independent consultant

·        Completed the education requirement for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (Indiana Wesleyan University. Marion, IN 2017)

·        Awarded VIP of the month by Ohio National Financial Service in recognition of outstanding service (September 2018)

Keith has been married to his wife, Kristen, for 14 years and has 3 beautiful daughters. He spends his family time cheering for his daughters at their soccer games and attending  their choir concerts. He frequently takes his daughters on hikes in the mountains and  beaches of Southern California. His family are members of Christ Church Presbyterian in  Irvine, CA.

Keith and his wife enjoy traveling to new places.  In the future, Keith hopes to convince Kristen to metal detect for California gold and other historic relics with a Garrett Metal Detector.