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FAQ: People Have Asked

Are you a CPA? 

Busy families and professionals should have many advisors on their financial team.  Clients should utilize an accountant, an attorney and a financial advisor who will work together for the clients best interest.The members of your financial team should actively work together and understand the various pieces of how your financial needs come together for your success. If you need an accountant or an attorney, I’d be happy to make some introductions. 

How do you get paid?

 There are many elements to a holistic financial plan. Many financial plans fail because they are not properly implemented. Ensuring your financial plan is properly implemented may mean that I am compensated in a variety of ways. However, transparency is key. No service for fee will be put in place until the client is completely on board and approves the work to be done. The greatest way that Keith is complimented is when his clients introduce him to new people. 

I have an advisor. Why should I speak with you? 

The Bible says that we should have many advisors (Proverbs 15:22). There are times when a second opinion is advisable. There have been many times when reviewing a clients portfolio where Keith has congratulated the prospect on a fantastic plan. The result was that the prospect left the meeting satisfied that their current advisor was meeting their needs. But if there was a potential need that your advisor wasn’t meeting, when would you want to know? 

Are you an independent advisor? Why is that important?

Most people do not realize that there is a rule in the financial services world that you cannot offer products outside your employer’s offerings. Meaning, as a client as a large brokerage house or captive insurer, you are not able to offer clients financial asset classes that are not offered through your employer, even if that would be the best option for the client. It is a prohibition against ‘selling away.’ So, while the industry is trying to convince everyone that fee only advisors are automatically better, they never mention this little secret. An independent advisor is not subject to this rule as they are able to represent hundreds of companies’ offerings. We leverage this open market ability to our clients’ best interests and we know which offerings will best meet our clients’ objectives. 

I don’t have any money. Can you help me? 

Many Americans feel like that they can not get ahead. Their income just isn’t enough or they have compiled too much debt has left too many families feeling hopeless. A 1 hour meeting with a professional advisor can help you get back on track with a game plan that could be the source of energy that you need to get on track. 
Furthermore, there are other clients who do not think that they have any money available, but the truth is that their money might be in the wrong places. By proactively and correctly moving your money at the right time, clients could extend the life of their money and reduce future tax liability. 

Who are your clients? 

My clients are diverse in many ways. I have single, married and divorced clients. I have clients with young and grown children. Some of them have no children. The one thing that all of my clients have in common, however, is a genuine desire to have confidence in their ability to generate wealth to last them for their entire lives and to leave a legacy lasting generations. They all agree that the best ways to preserve wealth is to reduce taxation and increase returns while also reducing volatility.