Retirement and Legacy Planning

How would you define a successful retirement?

A successful retirement is the result of clients meeting their financial goals and receive maximum enjoyment for the remainder of their lives.

If a retiree’s assets are not handled correctly, they run the risk of outliving their money. Advances in healthcare is resulting in longer lives. Retiree’s face longer period of time and to pay more in taxes and more time for fluctuations in market assets.

Increase Your Enjoyment in Retirement

But solutions do exist. Many retiree’s, however, are unaware of these solutions.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® like Keith Conley is trained in helping retiree’s generate long-term retirement income.

Keith often says that where assets are built is just as important as how much assets are accumulated. Knowing the variety of options and their risks for growing and distributing retirement income is necessary.

Yes, I said Tax Free!

Wouldn’t you agree that the size of your assets isn’t what really matters? What matters is the safety of your long-term income and the legacy you leave.

Keith specializes in preparing Americans of any age in looking ahead to retirement, explaining the fundamental concepts of average vs real return and the importance of tax diversification. Additionally clients will learn strategies for tax free income and best practice management in sequencing asset liquidation. No matter your goals for retirement (or not retiring), an analysis of your wealth generation plan is fundamental to your lasting financial legacy.