Student Loan Consulting

Keith has counseled over a thousand student loan borrowers. His experience stems from years of working at FEDLOAN, one of the nation’s largest federal student loan servicers. 

His experience as a student loan counselor and financial advisor is unparalleled. Many advisors actually come to Keith for help with their clients. 

As a financial advisor, Keith focuses his student loan consulting in the areas of Income-Driven Repayment, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and Default Collections. 

Keith is not a third party consolidation company. Many of these companies have faced legal and civil action due to their non-compliance and deceptive behavior. Keith’s approach is to understand the borrower’s financial situation including cash flow, employment history, and objectives. Keith walks with borrowers to explain their options in plain English, something that no student loan servicer is willing to do. 

Keith asks that any client wishing to hire him for his student loan consultation fill out this form. By doing so, Keith is better able to understand whether or not he will be of any value to you.