This Post is about You

Every hero in a good story has an advisor. Yoda mentors young Luke Skywalker. In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gandalf mentors Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. The advisor is not the hero. They advisor pushes and cheers the hero onto success.

That’s what a good financial advisor does. I am not the hero in your story. That task must be courageously be completed by you. I am your advocate, your biggest cheerleader, your friend guiding you on in this journey.

Who My Clients Are

The people I work with want to win with money. But they also recognize that money isn’t the most important thing. 

My clients, however, want to free up money for the things that really do matter. Paying for their kids and grand kids college, saving for retirement, blessing their favorite charity and passing along a legacy that will last for generations. They are heroes to their spouses, children, grandchildren and their communities

Heroes Need an Advisor

The service of a financial planner should not be limited to just older folks. Young adults and those starting out in a professional career need sound objective advice. The average age of my client is approximately 45 years of age, and are married with children. I have clients who are single parents, divorced and singles with no children.

My services shouldn’t be limited to people of a high net worth. People considered middle income need serious objective advice about how to grow and protect their wealth.

Most of my clients are business owners, clergy or are employed in some type of professional vocation. My clients believe that with current tax rates being so low there are tremendous opportunities to grow wealth.

If you believe that now is the right time to plan ahead let’s sit down for 1/2 hour so I can share with you the opportunities to reach your financial milestones.

I’m here for you. Let me be your your Splinter, Yoda and Gandalf. I’m your servant.