Who’s Your Master?

Francis Bacon once wrote:

“Money is a great servant but a terrible master. “

He continued by saying:

“The people most deserving of money and who know best how to spend it are the ones who make their money work for them, not the other way around. For one thing, anyone whose sole motivation in this world are a pile of coins and a stack of paper lacks the imagination so necessary for financial success. For another, money works harder than anyone or anything else in the world. Money doesn’t sleep; it talks to its buddies, brings them back home for dinner. Money transcends other languages, and it only takes a smart investment to make a huge return. Money is a great servant if you’re a good master, but trying it the other way around will have money fleeing to someone better in no time.”

A popular radio show introduction makes the blasphemous statement that ‘Cash is King.’ His followers have been known to chant, ‘Show me the Money.’ Such statements are contrary to how the Bible speaks of money. 

But as followers of Christ, we desire to have Christ as our Lord and King. We know that any wealth with which God has blessed us, he has given to us so that we might honor and glorify Him and not ourselves. 

Money can be a source of great fear or greed. But don’t let the pursuit of money be your highest aim in life. Yes, money is the foundation of our economy. We need it to pay our rent or mortgage and to feed our families. If your money is mastering you, now is the time to make some changes. Waiting too long will only further enslave you to the almighty dollar. Now is the time to honor God with your wealth.

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