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I hear it all the time when I talk to people about student loan forgiveness:

Is that legal? Is this a scam? I never heard of such a thing. I’m not a teacher, so I can’t have loan forgiveness, right?

Your student loans are paying for the maintenance of this building!

I’ve literally helped thousands of student loan borrowers across the country get their student loans under control. Loan forgiveness is possible for all loan borrowers and not just teachers.

The problem, however, is that loan servicers across the country have done a poor job of communicating with borrowers. They don’t regularly communicate about the programs existence and the requirement to qualify or how to remain within the program.

I provide clear analysis of borrowers federal student loans and explain all of their repayment options. I use plain language and show them their options on federal websites. Integrity is super important to me. I always tell the borrowers what I’m going to do before I do it, and then they are able to watch me.

Student Loans are an Epidemic

Student loan debt in this country is rapidly approaching $1.6 trillion. The only higher debt in this country are mortgages.

Having worked for one of the nations biggest student loan servicers, my knowledge of the federal programs are second to none. Borrowers frequently ask me what they need to do to qualify for loan forgiveness. I tell them that the only factors are income and household size and the time it will take for their loans to be forgiven.

I’ve helped borrowers reduce their payments from over $800 a month to $0. I can’t guarantee the same results for every borrower, but regardless of the results, my clients are always thankful for the objective and professional advice that I provide them.

If your loans are in default and your under a wage garnishment, I can help you negotiate with your student loan servicer. Or I can evaluate your loans and provide you with all your repayment options.

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